A collection of Abkhazian poems "Sukhum Fortress" released in December


Each of the authors from “Sukhum Fortress” has its own unique poetic language, but they all share a common state of mind: it's selfless love for his native land and home, loyalty to ancestral memory, the admiration of the unique nature of Abkhazia and, of course, the desire to tell a love that raises man above the vanity. "Sukhum Fortress" will allow fans of literature to lay down their own idea about Abkhaz poetry today. "

Collection offers substantial preface of "Abkhaz poetry in the context of national literature" Doctor of Philology, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia, the chief researcher of the Institute of World Literature named after Maxim Gorky Vyacheslav Biguaa.

In "Sukhum Fortress" presented poems of Platon Bebiya, Mushni Mikaiya, Terent Chania, Mushni Lasuriya, Vitaliy Amarshan, Valeriy Kaslandziya, Gennady Alamia, Rushbey Smir, Vladimir Zantariya, Sergei Agyndia, Igor Khvartskiya, Vakhtang Abhazou, Enver Azhiba, Anatoly Lagulaa, Gunda Kvitsinia, Gunda Sakaniya, Zaira Thaytsuk, Dmitry Gabelia.

Translations carried out with due professional care of known Russian masters of the poetic word, such as N. Zlotnikov, A. Revich, A. Kafanov, Sorin, V. Aleynikov, F. Iskander, A. Peredreev.

Publications are accompanied by photographs and brief biographical data of the authors.

"I believe that the published collection "Sukhum Fortress" will be appreciated by lovers of poetry. I hope that this project is necessary and useful, as the "Poets in Translation" will be continued ", - said Vakhtang Abhazou, newly elected chairman of the Union of Writers of Abkhazia.