A New Year «Art Market 2016» was held in Sukhum


  This is the fourth exhibition, and it differs from the previous ones, not only the number of participants, but also the expansion of its geography.

  If the first and second "Art Market" was attended by 18 -20 craftsmen, in the third - 35, this time they were 55, including eight from Gudauta, Gagra and four from Ochamchira.   Also at the fair was attended by artisans of Turkey and Russia. Wishing there were a lot, but the room size is not possible to expand the number of participants.

  "Art Market"site allows people to show themselves, their talent, and customers - to buy interesting things made by hands, most of them in a single copy," - says the organizer   Xenia Irisova-Bagapsh.

  It is worth noting that the organization of the past "Art Market" sponsored by the head of the Sukhum administration, and this event is the Youth Cultural Center "Rara" had to be done at its own expense, although 30% of the contributions of participants covered expenses.

  All the exhibitors are not professionals, but, nevertheless, their works are done with great taste and skill, are interesting and original and, most importantly, they can not buy in the store.

Bright paintings and Christmas wreaths, Christmas decorations and "Baubles", candles and a variety of sweets and decorations of beads and natural stones, bright knit toys and beautiful glassware, jam from a pumpkin, prunes, persimmon, tangerines and oranges, designer clothing, souvenirs of bamboo and much more - all this caused great interest and enthusiasm among the visitors. And even those who came with the idea of ​​just look at the exhibited products, happy to acquire their favorite author's things.