A person’s worth – his deeds (abkhaz proverbs on labour)


Labour feeds a man – idleness spoils him.

To walk about aimlessly better than to sit idle.

If you want fame – respect labour.

Before baking bread, you must knead it.

Sown in time will sprout in time.

A hard-working man will never sit idle.

A piece of pepper obtained with labour is sweeter than honey.

One who grows a forest never destroys it.

To work together is more cheer, to eat together is tastier.

Two neighbours’ milk cows in a different way.

There is no rest without labour.

If two heads are consent and two pairs of hands work – the house will get prosperity.

Labour with your friend is joy; honey with an enemy is grief.

Isn’t sown in spring, isn’t sprouted in autumn.

Finish a job – first get rest first.

Be moderate in eating, but not in work.

The owner of the land is the one who sows it.