Abkhaz proverbs about family, parents and children


• When requested to bring the most beautiful thing, a crow brought her chick.                                                                              • Choose a bull by its horns, and a wife by her family tree.             • An idle wife for a husband is like decay in his bones.
• He who has no wish to marry finds a defect in each bride.
• A son teaches his father how to live with a woman.
• Live without a father there is poverty, without a mother there is orphanage.
• The lamb can recognize its mother by her voice.
• The tree suffers without branches, and the woman – without children.

• A family without children is like a tree without roots.
• As you respect your father and mother, so your children will respect you.
• Scold your daughter, but edify your daughter-in-law.
• With a good wife the husband will never travel without supplies.
• A wife can both enrich and ruin.
• You can always consider yourself young while your father and mother are still alive.
• The cub of a wolf is a wolf.
• For a man with an unreliable wife, the road is a stepmother.
• The son of a cat hunts a mouse.
• A man without a wife is like a horse without a bridle.
• Before the wedding, a nightingale; after the wedding, a crow.
• Don’t tell your wife the secrets of your soul.
• The orphan has to cut his own navel.
• A horse adorns a saddle, a wife adorns a family.