Abkhaz proverbs about family, parents and children. Part II


· A house without a woman is like a hearth without fire.                    · A mother and father are for children, and children are for themselves.                                                                                     · An unloved wife is like a borrowed horse.
· In a large family the bread crust does not harden.
· When the unloving get divorced, they divide even a jug’s splinters.
· The hedgehog is soft to its mother.
· A tree with vast roots is not afraid of a drought.
· Before proposing to the daughter, look at her mother.

· The only child has a hundred names.
· A daughter in the house is a guest.
· The widow knows the value of her husband.
· It is better to have five visitors than to entertain one child.
· What the father leaves, comes back to the son.
· The drowning old woman called to her mother for help.
· Do not trust your wife or a weapon.
· If you reject your mother you will be buried without tears.
· Wealth is not necessary for a happy family.
· With a good wife, a poor husband becomes a rich man.
· The more you respect your parents, the more your children will respect you.