Abkhaz proverbs about truth and lies


· What you see is the truth, what you hear is a half-lie.                   · Where money has power, truth can not be seen.                          · Truth is more expensive than gold.
· If you want to see the truth, look at the world from different sides.
· It is impossible to tame a pheasant or to change the custom of a liar.
· If you lie today, you won’t be trusted tomorrow.
· Not everyone who groans is really ill.
· What your eyes see is always the truth, what you hear is half a lie.
· The liar’s son died from happiness.
· If you have appropriated another's inheritance, yours will be appropriated as well.
· If a joke is without some truth, you won’t find any listeners.
· Lies have a hundred languages, truth has only one.
· It is better once seen than many times heard.
· No matter how hard you try, you can’t hide the truth.

· Between the truth and a lie the distance is about a palm.
· The lame truth overtakes a lie.
· Each joke is a half of the truth.
· The lie digs a tomb for the truth, and often ends up there itself.
· Seen – believe, heard – check up.
· A small truth is better than a big lie.
· For a donkey any truth is good.
· Sometimes even a liar speaks the truth.
· He who is used to lying does not blush.
· The liar does not trust another's oath.
· The liar’s language is always ahead of his mind.
· Half-truth is a lie’s relative.