Abkhaz proverbs on faults and sins (Part 2)


· Is a bad reputation worse than a dishonourable deed?                 · A person with minor potential has major requirements.               · He who thinks about bad things will come to a bad end.

· Coughs and bad habits cannot be hidden.

· A thief will always be a thief, no matter what he has stolen – a hen or an egg.

· If a cow butts, its horn will soon break off.

· Anyone who sells bad goods speaks sweetly.

· Prison knows the habits of the thief.

· Even clothes will not hide a bad woman.

· A bad cow has big horns.

· Your neighbour's hen lays eggs twice a day.

· A bad person brings a quarrel.

· From far away even mountains appear flawless.

· Not everything that blossoms smells good.

· The priest praised paradise, but did not hasten there himself.

· A tomb will correct a hunchback, and a stick will correct a rude person.

· The snake changes its skin, but not its heart.

· Evil comes to he who thinks evil.

· Envy is illness of the heart.

· As bright as day outside, as black as night inside.

· There is no village without its thief.