Abkhaz proverbs on language and words


· If you are afraid, do not speak, but if you have spoken don’t be afraid.

· Language is the servant of the mind.

· Language is the intermediary for the heart.

· It is possible to open the castle gates with a sweet tongue.

· The tongue is loose, and tells what you force it to tell.

· He who has a big mouth has little force.

· Be not afraid of a gun, but of a wicked tongue.

· The lamb with a sweet tongue sucks two sheep.

· You can’t take back a spoken word.

· The bullet will strike one, but the word – hundreds.

· He who thinks clearly speaks clearly.

· A person can be kept by a word, and a donkey by a rope.

· A good rope is long, and a good word is short.

· Finish your speech before you are asked to.

· If you are not guilty, your tongue is brave.

· At the laid table a long speech is not necessary.

· If you speak too much, your speech will include lies.

· A bad word can spoil any deed.

· If you are not able to speak, at least learn to be silent.

· A superfluous word annoys everyone, superfluous wine makes them legless.

· A good story shortens the journey.