Abkhaz proverbs on love and kindness


Do a kind deed and throw it into the water – it won’t be lost.

Where there is no concord, there is no happiness.

It is easier to stop rain than a girl who is going to get married.

Men look for a beautiful woman, a homely one looks for a husband herself.

Love hides a lot of faults.

A man perishes for his friends, a woman for her beloved one.

What is hidden in heart is reflected on face.

Who has not given birth to a child does not know love and whose children have not gone does not know grief.

Having given freedom to your body’s desires, have also patience in appearing misfortunes.

If you build a bridge – you will cross it yourself. If you dig a pit for someone else – you will fall into it yourself.

Partial eyes are blind.

A beloved is forgiven for everything.

A person in love has poor eyesight.

One who does not love children does not love anyone.

Love a child – love its crying, too.

Those who did not love – did not live.

If you are afraid of love then you are afraid of life.

True love knows no fear.