Abkhaz proverbs on old age and youth


· If he does not have teeth, his food has no taste.

· An old bull has only one beautiful thing - his horns.

· A person in his youth eats as much as his right hand can lift.

· Youth is a time for courage, old age is a time for reflection.

· He who was born once will die once.

· What you acquire in your youth, you won’t have in your old age.

· Ask an old man about the price of youth.

· Ask an old man what his tooth is worth.

· Death does not choose his victim by age.

· An old dog isn’t given milk to drink.

· He who wishes to die will not die soon.

· Respect old men in your youth, then you will be respected in your old age.

· After God, the oldest speaks.

· Youth uses force, old age uses wisdom.

· A man loses his patience in old age, and a woman loses her beauty.

· If you work hard as a youth, in old age you will have respect.

· Beauty is temporary, youth soon passes.

· Whether good, whether bad, you will not return to your past.