Abkhaz proverbs on upbringing and education


· To bring up is difficult, but to spoil is easy. · With a good teacher, an old book seems new. · If you will not learn the simple, you will not understand the complicated. · Knowledge has no age.

· The more a person knows, the less he trusts himself.

· It is better to know a lot about one thing than to know a little about a lot of things.

· The good visitor will sit in any place you offer him.

· Never too late to study.

· A shy person acts like a guest even in his own house.

· Respect the elderly as well as yourself.

· Bad upbringing means a future without any prospect.

· Even if you are also hungry, first feed those who are older.

· An ill-mannered person will never subsequently become a good person.

· Bring up your elder son so that he could bring up your younger.

· Even a bear will release you if you ask politely.

· The world is beautiful because of the sun, and a person because of their education.

· Too many caresses spoil a child.

· Work for another, study for yourself.

· The son taught the father how to eat.

· Good upbringing is already half of your destiny.

· Do not run someone down behind their back, and do not praise them to their face.

· Do not teach an eagle to fly, or a fox to steal.

· It is better to be last but good than first but bad.

· The sea has the coast, but knowledge has no borders.

· At home do as you want, but on a visit do as your hosts want.