Abkhazian dances


Abkhazian dances are the most popular form of folk art. There are several national dance ensembles. Among them is also children's dance studio. The repertoire of the ensemble is folk and ritual dances of the Caucasus, dancing ritual character with Bourke and daggers.

Abkhazian dances have the opportunity to convey the mood that is characteristic in the performance of a dance. Through choreography viewer can see and understand the whole segments, the events of the history and life of the people. Through this dance also tells people about the daily lives of ordinary people, of joyful events and sorrows.

Ashatshyrtra is abkhazian beautiful dance, which is performed on the toes. This dance is of a military nature, reflecting the impact of the victory in the battle. This dance performed by large groups of men and each holding a weapon, which is mainly moved in a circle.

This dance is a whole theatrical performance that is a reflection of historical events and adventures fighting of Abkhazian soldiers.

Lalzyn is one of the ancient Abkhazian dances for girls. The literal translation - "for her" means a lyrical dance foundation. Like all lyrical dance- lalzyn is a dance with slow and smooth choreography, which aims to demonstrate the beauty, grace, femininity and spirituality Abkhazian girls.

Dance culture in Abkhazia has many female dance performances reflecting the life of the ordinary girls. This dance masters, working on the production of clothing and fabrics, and women in leather and fur processing.