Abkhazians are sure that … Proverbs


· He who does harm does it to himself, and he who does good also does it to himself.

· The potter attaches the handle to a jug where he wishes.

· Putting a bad rider on a horse is the same as putting a saddle on a donkey.

· Not having bent your back, you won’t lift even an armful of brushwood.

· If you stare at milk, you will find black spots on it.

· No matter which end of a dirty stick you hold, you will still get dirty hands.

· He has seen a lot who has suffered a lot.

· The donkey always knows a way back.

· A guest in the house is like God in the house.

· Anyone who hasn’t been to Abkhazia hasn’t seen the Caucasus.

· Even death recedes if you dare to meet her.

· A dog barks even at the tsar.

· He who was never ill thinks that all pains are similar.

· A hen can only lay eggs, but that is enough.

· For the sick, even honey is not sweet.

· When trouble comes, the gates open by themselves.

· When ashore, you are not afraid of deep water.

· If an egg breaks, it can’t be made whole again.

· A person should see a lot, hear a lot, and work a lot, but should not speak a lot.

· Spring is good for flowers, autumn is good for crops.

· For a person living well, even a cockerel lays eggs.

· It is easy to demolish, but difficult to build.

· Judge a bull by its neck, and a cow by its milk.

· Though you take millstones to Mecca, they should still grind there.

· That which easily begins to boil, quickly cools down.

· If you chase two hares, you will not catch either of them.

· Weight on another's shoulder seems light.

· Where your plate is absent, do not put your spoon.

· In life there should be both good and bad.

· Corn not having passed through millstones does not become flour.

· What is kept in the heart is reflected in the face.

· Men look for a beautiful woman, but an ugly woman looks for a husband herself.

· Even if Abkhazians are separated, we are close in our hearts.

· Where there is no lion, a monkey is king.

· An Abkhazian was born in Abkhazia.

· Having done a bad thing, don’t wait for a good one.

· There is no one who is loved by everyone.

· He who dreams of death will live a long time.

· An Abkhazian’s door is always wide open to guests.

· It is not necessary to whip a good racehorse.

· The snake, even without feet, leaves a trail.