Base of ecological tourism "Shlypra"


2 Forest Reserve Gorges of Mussera out into the sea and form a wild rock-sand beach. There are comfortable at any time of the year. Now the 3rd gorge is located in the open air recreation of Shlypra. Team of hospitable Abkhazians invites you to visit this place. In the valley they built a summer café from palm leaves, monitor the cleanliness and order. Every day they fish in the sea, and offer it to their guests.

This is the best place in Abkhazia for the semi-wild vacation in a tent, on the picturesque beach on the edge of the earth!

Base of ecological tourism "Shlypra" is an ideal venue for recreational and sports workshops, as well as just for outdoor recreation in the forest silence.

Unfrequented beaches, large comfortable areas for parking tent (tables, felled wood, springs) functioning shower with hot water, electricity. The area is kept clean.

Café-room, dining breakfasts- dinners- bought on request. Lodging Price per person: 100 Rub. per night.

Power infrastructure in the territory:

Dining: optional menu composed of 2-3 meals per day, the price of 400 rubles per day. Cafe: Fresh sea fish, the national dish. Bar: fresh draft beer, fresh boiled crab. Separate cooking over a campfire. Use of barbecue

Shlypra is located away from roads. Delivery is made by sea. Directions from Psou border by taxi to Pitsunda, stop at fish factory.