Charity Ball “White Lily” in the Hermitage Hotel



Charity Ball “White Lily” in the Hermitage Hotel


Описание: Charity Ball “White Lily” in the Hermitage Hotel (Monaco)While Moscow prepares for a new season, eyes of secular columnists are caught by the French Riviera, which truly could be called the summer residence of the elite. The loud range of events held in Monaco was magnified by the White Lily Fund Charity Ball. The closed gala-dinner for 150 people took place in one of Monaco's most luxurious hotels, the legendary Hermitage which is famous for magnificent service, luxurious interior and star guests. The partners of the Ball were old friends of the Fund: Jewellery House de Grisogono, automobile brand Rolls-Royce, champagne magnates Moet & Chandon House, high-end relator Knight Frank, and the leader in exclusive yacht sales Moran Yacht & Ship Company.

Описание:Описание: hostess of the event was Emilia Kazandzhyan – the President of the Fund “White Lily”(the Fund is named in honor of her mother – Lily Neizvidskaya). Emilia has supported many big and needy families in Abkhazia who have lost their homes after many years of hostilities. Another Herculean task and the Fund's primary focus is to financially assist seriously ill children whose parents have no means to cover the expenses of their children's operations.

Описание:, the original purpose of the event was to help 12 children in desperate need of expensive and necessary medical intervention. Emilia Kazandzhyan also specified that part of donations would allow to carry out the construction of children's playground in the Republic of Abkhazia. It is a joint project of two charity foundations: White Lily, and Naked Hearts the president of which is Natalia Vodianova. Speaking about the project, Ms. Kazandzhyan noted Natalia's wonderful generosity and kind-heartedness, as well as her readiness to help children around the whole world.

Organizers and guests of the event agreed that it was a successful and posh evening. The fantastic and beautiful interior of the hall, a cozy summer terrace and warm sunny weather seemed to be made for an amazing evening. A positive, cheerful and very friendly atmosphere reigned. The refined interiors of Hermitage hotel were full with flowers, Moet &Chandon ice sculptures, and sparkling show-windows of Jewellery House de Grisogono, they all reflected the unique and elegant atmosphere of luxury created under the sensitive diligence of the White Lily president, Emilia Kazandzhyan.

Описание: charity dinner was opened by the stars of the world ballet Ilza and AndrisLiepa, who prepared a special program with participation of the leading actors of the Maryinsky Theater. Futuristic variations of classical ballet sketches were followed by performance of the well-known show Marcello. Meanwhile the guests prepared for the forthcoming auction. After a welcome speech by the evening hostess Ms. Kazandzhyan, the event anchormen Igor Vernik and Victoria Lopyreva opened the auction. Notables from the world gathered to bid for the unique prizes: Flavio Briatore, Favaz Gruosi, Pi Diddy, Jacob Arabo, the Kazandzhyans, François Graff, David Rapp, Bekhan Agayev, prince of Liberia, princess of Italy, brother of the king of Spain, Ruben Tatulyan, the Stepanyans, Gaddo Cardini, Sara Karter, countess Alexandra Tolstaya, count Anri de Monspey, Emin Iskenderov, Irina Khakamada, Yury Kononchuk, the mayor of Gagra city Grigory Enik, David Yakobashvili, Irakly Arshba, Tatyana Shirkina, Tatyana Fouks, Arsen Edoyan, Andrey Flekey, Alexey Kiselev, Leonid Chernugov, Dmitry Bobanov, Andrey Shirman, Elena Kovalchuk, Marina Surkis, Alexey Garber, Emma Salimova, Roman Babayan, Vladimir Sirotinsky, Tatyana Ershova,PavelVolya, AndreySharov, Julia Pugacheva, Darya Lisichenko, Eduard Taran, Marina Goldberg, Anna Ivchenko, Marta Georgieva and many others.

Описание: were many exciting and unique auction prizes that created quite a stir among the guests including jewelry and watches from Jewellry House de Grisogono, a special prize from Flavio Briatore - VIP-box tickets to the Formula-1 to be held in Monaco, test drives of exclusive models of Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ferrari Mansory from the Luxury & Sport Car Rental AAA company, a trip to the Bugatti factory from the chief of the brand Bugatti, and also an unforgettable weekend in the most magnificent villa of Cote d'Azur.

Tatyana Ershova obtained a two-week’s holiday in a magnificent villa, Emilia Kazandzhyan's father - Grigory obtained an ancient icon made of silver for 50 000 euros. Bekhan Agayev, Arsen Edoyan, Irakli Arshba, Stas Abramov, David and Samvel Stepanyans, Ruben Tatulyan and Emin Iskanderov also obtained different expensive and prestigious prizes.

The active participation in this special auction raised a great deal of money for the White Lily Fund. Moreover, some invited guests who could not attend the event for some reasons also supported Emilia's wonderful cause, having sent kind wishes and significant contributions.

World stars K-Maro and Craig David arranged musical accompaniment with an incendiary performance creating the festive mood of the evening in the circle of generous friends. Truly, the event was a tremendous success!

At the end of the evening the president of the Fund “White Lily”, addressed all of the guests with sincere words of gracious gratitude while also sharing plans for the future. Once, charming Grace Kelly led into fashion a tradition to hold Charity Balls in Monaco.