Easter in Abkhazia


Easter is celebrated in Abkhazia on the same day with all the other Orthodox Churches in the world. Since ancient times, and to this day, it is the most revered holiday in this nation. Moreover, in this country this holiday is revered as the adherents of the Muslim faith, and the Gentiles.

It is noteworthy that the Easter holiday in Abkhazia is directly linked with the traditions of viticulture and winemaking. All light week marked by the fact that in Christian families offer special jars of clay, which kept the wine. Vintage and further production of new wine is traditionally separates special, Easter jar, dug into the ground, it is up to the Easter week is in it and stored.

Open jar first liters of wine are sent as a sacrifice to the Christian temple, which belongs to one or the other Abkhaz family. Received wine temple priests used at the time of the Divine Liturgy and prayers for all the members of the genus, which donated the wine in favor of the church.

The most distinguished families who have distinguished strength of their faith and generosity to the Church have the right to have the Easter pitcher in the wall of the church. It is noteworthy that this process is always connected with the slaughtering of a sacrificial animal. After that, the traditional sacrifices Abkhazians draw large feast, to which are invited all the relatives and friends of the family.

Interestingly another tradition connected with the peculiarities of the church calendar of Abkhazians. After Easter Abkhaz people celebrate "Women's Easter." And enjoy a special holiday table that day.

Easter week not commemorate the dead. Serving tables memorial and holding memorial activities these days is unacceptable. Deceased relatives commemorate after the celebration of "Women's Easter" on Tuesday or Monday.

On Easter table Abkhazians must be the presence of a specific national dishes -"ailadzh". The dish is prepared from corn flour with the addition of the first shot of cheese. The consistency is obtained is very thick, viscous and pasty dish. By the way, one of the culinary traditions of Abkhazians directly related to the celebration of Easter day. It is believed that after the Easter service, the first thing is to taste the Abkhaz, on coming home, it's dumplings with cheese.

On the Bright Week, Abkhazians again open jar with a special Easter wine. As we have said, winemaking tradition in this country is closely connected with the celebration of this holiday. And if the winemaker and wine sets, it puts it to use it for Easter. As a rule, Easter is dedicated to a specific wine temple. In the temple of the wine it refers to a special container, which in any case is not busy in the family home for other purposes. Above this wine temple priest serves the Divine Liturgy, remembering at the same time the whole family of the donor.