Lake Mzy


One of the most amazing wonders of the beauty of Abkhazia is a mountain lake Mzy. It is situated at an altitude of 2,000 m. Above sea level- 7 km. It is a wild, unspoiled edge of the vast green fields, intricately combined with eternal ice. There are still snow in mid-June and even in August (the hottest time) the lake and surrounding mountains covered with sparse white islands.

Machines do not go here, so that the path will have to be done on foot. But the path is very comfortable, well trodden by numerous tourists who wish to look at this miracle of nature.

It should be noted that not only the lake but also the road to it is of interest to lovers of natural beauty - a great part of the path runs along the fabulous green forest, facing the zone of alpine meadows. Here reign amazing bright colors. Especially contrast against the green meadows look many various flowers. The air is extremely clean and fresh. The climate is quite different than in the coastal Abkhazia - is no longer that of humidity and heat. It is known that mountain air is extremely good for health. A walking tour through the fir and boxwood forest long charge you with vital energy.

Overcoming the green meadows, we go directly to the lake. Its water is so clear and calm that resembles a giant mirror, just reflecting the surrounding landscape. There is something to see - on three sides surround the lake forbidding mountains, forming a kind of a bowl with a little bit rough, as though chipped. Here and there, there are islands of crystal white snow, which, combined with the summer heat is a bit unrealistic. Beaches around the lake are covered with large stones rolled down from the mountains. The lake itself is not very large - an average of 100 meters in length and 45 meters in width. Its depth is approximately 40 meters. But the volume of water is highly dependent on weather conditions, the speed of melting ice. So that the length, width and depth Mzy vary depending on the time of year. But the lake temperature remains virtually unchanged at 4° C. This is one of the coldest lakes of Abkhazia. Take a dip here is unlikely to succeed in any case, this requires a corresponding hardening.

Just around the corner begins fairly extensive area of wetlands. Wetlands are so high due to the large amount of natural mountain valleys having low permeability. Rainwater is connected to melting glaciers and flows into these grooves. With no way out, it forms a swamp. So, lake Mzy securely guarded by high mountains and swamps.