Masashi Tsuji performs Abkhazian lullaby “Shish Nani”


The Japanese tenor, Masashi Tsuji, studied at Kurashiki Sakuyo University. He completed his Master of Music degree at Mozarteum Salzburg in Austria in 2009.
Masashi Tsuji appears regularly as a soloist, is an experienced ensemble singer and has sung in choirs such as RIAS-Kammerchor Berlin and The Vocalconsort Berlin. He is a member of Det Norske Solistkor since 2014. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany. His masterful and heartful performance has relived the long forgotten memories of egregious tragedy.
"Shish nani" is an Abkhazian song that is also called a Muhajir lullaby. It describes the hardships and pain that people felt during the exile of the Abkhazians. This song is the lullaby that a mother sang to her dead infant to prevent it from being thrown into the sea. Thousands of mahajirs did not reach Turkey.