Mineral waters of Abkhazia


Drinking mineral water - it's underground, melted or artificial water, which contain certain salts and chemical compounds. From ordinary drinking water mineral is characterized by a high level of salinity. There are about 170 mineral springs in Abkhazia. Better than the others studied mineral waters of of Auadhara, Marhyaul, Sukhum, Atsgara and Sakyansk and mineral water are located in different regions of the country.

Mineral waters of Abkhazia are known as a useful table water, as well as popular at the resort and spa treatment.

Auadhara mineral water comes to the surface in Auadhara resort, which is located in the Gudauta district on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. Auadhara picturesque valley surrounded by mountain ranges, lies at an altitude of 1650 m above sea level, 96 km from the town of Gudauta. Auadhara - mountain spa and resort, winter is moderately soft with stable snow cover, summer is moderately cool and wet.

Exploratory drilling began there in 1946. It revealed more than 30 natural remedies healing waters. Resort Auadhara rich in carbonic acid water, which have been identified in natural springs and wells. The closest analogues are Auadhara mineral water Borjomi (Georgia) and Vichy (France). The three mineral waters belong to one group. They are the main constituent elements of hydrogen, sodium and carbon dioxide. The structure of water also includes biologically valuable trace elements: bromine, arsenic, silica, iodine.

The study of the therapeutic effect of mineral water of Auadhara subject of many research papers. Auadhara Bottled mineral water has beneficial effects on the body by a chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic cholecystitis, gastritis. However, there are some contraindications.


Maritime mineral water

30 km from the city of Sukhum between the New Athos and Gudauta, on the Black Sea coast is the village of Primorsk - spa resort. Near the village is still in the 1937-1940 biennium. As a result of drilling the depth of 160-260 m from the Upper Cretaceous limestone area was put on the surface sodium chloride water.

The study of the physiological and therapeutic action of the Maritime bottle of water held in the Abkhazian Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy. On the basis of experimental and clinical studies recommended course of treatment of drinking mineral water to patients with the following diseases: chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis and cholecystitis.