Restaurant “Nartaa”


Restaurant "Nartaa" has long been considered one of the charming places to visit for tourists from all over the world. Outdoor restaurant. Decorated in the form of a large Abkhazian yard. Specialises on khachapuri, boat and smoked meat. Summer playground restaurant, beautifully located within walking distance from the sea, has all chances to become a favorite holiday destination for guests in the warm weather.

This is one of the few places where vanity is lost and lost the metropolitan bustle and life and time gain regularity and stability. Comfort and care from hospitable hosts, here's what you feel, surpassing the threshold of this restaurant. After all we are all part of a wonderful close Caucasian culture and its cooking.

There is another good item, a restaurant built in such a way that it retains heat in winter and in summer it is cool. Popularity of Caucasian dishes due to their unique taste, which is achieved due to the specific methods and pre-heat treatment product.

The restaurant will cook any meals, but the most delicious - it certainly is national. Where you can organize banquets, to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries to celebrate and perform other activities. Caucasian hospitality, Caucasian wines and beautiful songs. And you had the opportunity to feel Caucasian hospitality, Caucasian wines and beautiful songs.