Some general Abkhaz words!


Apsny - a term of endearment for Abkhazia

abysta (mamalyga) - porridge from corn flour

adjika - very hot seasoning for meal, made from pepper, garlic, salt and different spicy herbs

an af’irkhatsa - an utmost hero among heroes

an amkhara - a wattle hut, constructed for a newly-wed couple

an alabashia - a type of wooden walking stick, having different usage purposes

alamis - an unwritten moral code of honesty, duty and respect, passed from generation to generation

Apsny - a term of endearment for Abkhazia

apsuara - an unwritten law regulating every aspect of Abkhazian life (Alamis is a part of it)

a burka - a felt cloak (a traditional long Caucasian woollen coat)

a Circassian coat - a type of jacket with characteristic chest pockets, constructed to carry bullets

a dzhigit - a title for a skilful and brave horseman in the Caucasus

Nart - a generalized name for 99 brothers - heroes of an ancient Abkhazian epic

a papakha - (an Astrakhan hat) a tall hat made from lamb fleece

wah-ry-dah - powerful chorus of an Abkhazian folk song

‘Mshibzia!’ - Good afternoon!

‘Shzhybzia!’ - Good morning!

Possible answers could be approximately translated as:

‘Bzia ubait!’ - ‘Let you see the kindness!’

‘Bziala waabeit!’ - ‘Welcome!’

‘Itabup!’ - ‘Thank you!’

‘Bshphakho?’ - ‘How are you?’ (addressing a woman)

‘Ushphakho?’ - ‘How are you?’ (addressing a man)

‘Bishphakho?’ - How are you?’ (expressing respect for a man or woman)

‘Hara siimam’ - ‘All right’ (literal translation is ‘I have no faults’)