The mountain people of the Caucasus advice…


First see who is listening to you and then begin your speech.

Don’t quarrel with the boatman when you are crossing the river.

Don’t put a youth that has fallen of a donkey, onto a racehorse.

It is better to move without purpose than to sit still.

Don’t ask an advice of a bachelor in looking for a bride.

Don’t divide the meat of a living bear.

Don’t play with fire or put your trust on water.

Do not tell aloud your secret in the woods and in darkness.

During hay-moving time remember about the violent snowstorm.

While the hare is still in the bushes, don’t put the pot on the stove.

Who has crossed a river does not have to fear dew.

It is easier to pluck nettles with someone else’s hands.

If time doesn’t follow you, follow it yourself.

If you stick a finger into your enemy’s mouth, you’ll remain without the finger.

Who hasn’t been ill, he doesn’t know the value of health.

A snake has to be killed before it is transformed into a dragon.

If you are alone on the road – have eyes also at the back of your head.

Your own donkey is better than someone’s horse.

To want – this does not mean yet to hold the world in your palm.

Do not lean upon water and don’t trust enemy.

The one, who has fallen himself he should not cry.

If you run ahead, glance behind you.

Do not abandon your felt cloak even on a sunny day.

If you don’t get into the water – you will never learn how to swim.

Don’t think that the quiet forest is empty: there may be a tiger hiding there.

Do not sum up when starting on your way, sum up when you return.

Do not laugh over those who stumbled before you.