The Trade and Commerce Chamber presented its “Directory of businesses of the Republic of Abkhazia 2013”


The Chamber of Trade and Commerce presented its fifth issue of the directory of businesses of the Republic of Abkhazia. The presentation at "Ertsakhu" restaurant was attended by the heads of Abkhaz districts, various businesses, the trade representative of Russia in Abkhazia, Yuriy Aykin, and the press.

"This is the jubilee directory issue, where we can make some conclusions concerning the development of our economy," said the Chairman of the Chamber, Gennadiy Gaguliya, in his welcoming speech, "If the first directory included only 150 businesses, than the fifth one holds 1300. And most importantly, only the successful businesses, which bring profit not only for themselves but also the government, they pay all necessary taxes."

According to Gaguliya, the number of applicants for mention in the directory is rising annually.

The Chairman of the Chamber said that during the common meeting of the Chamber and entrepreneurs just before the New Year, they adopted the "Code of Honor of an Abkhaz Entrepreneur".

In fact, the Code has been placed in one of the stands at the presentation in order for anyone to peruse its content. Furthermore, the stands also presented a selection of Abkhaz production – alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dairy products etc.

In an interview with the press, Vice-Chairman of the Chamber, Adgur Lushba, noted that the Chamber, designed to promote entrepreneurship in Abkhazia, has been cultivating relations with the Russian Federation, the main economic partner, as well as other countries. "We constantly participate in various exhibitions beyond the borders of Abkhazia, and have organized several exhibitions here too. This year we are planning on participating in the annual international exhibition of Trade and Commerce Chambers in Qatar," said Lushba, "In this way we are trying to promote Abkhaz production."

According to Lushba, there are many events planned for the Chamber of Trade and Commerce. "This goes to show that we purposefully, step by step, are marching towards widening Abkhazia's economic relations with all world countries," he said.

The trade representative of Russia in Abkhazia, Yuriy Aykin, in a panel with the press noted that the organization headed by him has long since actively co-worked with the Chamber of Trade and Commerce of the Abkhaz Republic.

"We participate at "round table" discussions together on various issues concerning the trade-economic relations, the issues of customs cooperation and so on," said Aykin, "In autumn of the previous year, the trade representation signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Chamber of Trade and Commerce of the Abkhaz Republic, with a specific accent on the cooperation in the issues of realization of projects in the trade-economic field."