Two hands are stronger than one (abkhaz proverbs on friendship)


If you want to test a friend – look at him in anger.

Your father died – don’t lose his friends.

An unreliable friend is worse than a traitor.

Learn your friend before you are ready for a journey, a neighbour before you start building a house.

If your faithful friend turns into a flaming shirt – do not cast it off.

A good friend is better than a bad brother.

The one who has no steadfast word will have no friends.

A bitter word of your friend is honey with butter, a sweet word of your enemy – poison.

The friendly lamb’s hide can cover you while the unfriendly bull’s hide will not do that.

Your friend is your mirror.

It is better to have a wise enemy than a stupid friend.

Being together with a good friend you can travel to the ends of Earth.

Two hands are stronger than one.

Two joining together, can move mountains.

Happiness, where are you going to? – There, where friendship exists.

There can be no friendship between the wolf and the goat.

It is easy to find a friend – it is hard to preserve the friendship.

If the neighbours are good ones, even a blind girl will get married.

That enemy is dangerous who wears the mask of a friend.

The strength of life is in friendship.

Who stands alone is bound up, who stands together with others is free.

Even a bird doesn’t live singly in the woods.

If you’re a friend to everyone – that means to no one.

Do not make friends to those with flexible conscience.

One who doesn’t want to know the truth from his friend – he is hopeless.

Two mountains don’t meet, but two people do meet.

One brother without another is like an eagle without wings.

If a friend comes to your place – offer him what you have, if a bad person comes – feed him well.