Weaving as the basis of the Abkhazian life


In Abkhazia we can distinguish two types of weaving. Weave, based on textile raw materials, done by women and weave with the processing of wood, plants and flax – by men. Abkhazian achieved much in the ability of art to weave round cables and flat braids or simple gold and silver threads, the ability to manufacture from a round braided cord buttons for Circassian and beshmet.

Weave associated with the processing of wood, plants, vines, and today occupies a significant place in the life of the Abkhazians. Conical baskets for catching freshwater fish, baskets for carrying the harvest for vintage bags for the collection of cherry and others.

The main building material construction netting - rhododendron bushes - is different on durability. So far, in some villages there are Abkhaz wicker outbuilding kitchen, built in the middle of the XIX century.

Currently, almost every Abkhazian village inhabited by masters engaged in construction of braided structures, for which demand is constantly increasing.

Nowadays, modern Abkhazian masters widely practiced ın treatment of wood. Makes doors, windows, all the wooden parts of a modern home. Usıng tree make barrels, vats, tubs for wine, boxwood spoons, cups, shovels, mixers for hominy, etc. The best material for the manufacture of door and window frames is considered chestnut flooring.