Wisdom has limits – stupidity has none (abkhaz proverbs on intellect and stupidity)


A crow saw an armed man and thought: “If he is smart – he won’t fire at me and if he’s foolish – he won’t hit me.”

Rather than pretending to be a fool, it is better to pretend to be wise.

Mind is a necessary condition for happiness.

Education is a guest – intellect is the host.

He is not a fool who sowed in the attic, but the one who helped him.

One of the sage’s signs is patience.

Wisdom is intellect infused on conscience.

If you give a way to your enemy you will remain without your road and boots.

The entire village cannot be stupid, you can find wise men among the stupid.

If one and the same person tricks you three times – you’re stupid, if you have fallen into one and the same pit three times – you’re blind.

If a person who does not know what to say keeps silence, he isn’t stupid.

Intellect has no price, and upbringing has no limits.

A person who doesn’t know but listens to one, who does, is not stupid.

Two minds are better than one.

Science is the best treasury: it can’t be stolen, won’t burn, disappear or get lost – it is always with you.

Let intellect go forward, let anger go behind.

To whom, when and what he has given – is what the miser tells.

About what he has seen in his life – is what the sage tell us.
Praising spoils a stupid man.

An uneducated man is blind.

A man grows stupid because of greediness.

The one is wise who asks people’s advice.

Intellect destroys mountains – drunkenness destroys intellect.

Be able to manage with a stupid person, and a clever one will manage with you himself.

You can glorify a fool or respect him but you cannot give him your mind.

The one who has intelligence has self-control, too.

In catching a hare with a hand intelligence is more important than the hand.

Put a stupid man on top of a horse, he won’t recognise his own father.

Happiness recoils from a hand of a stupid man.

If the speaker is stupid, then the listener at least ought to be clever.

Who takes advice makes no mistakes.

Intellect is determined not by the age of a person, but by his mind.

The one with a strong hand – downs one, the one strong with knowledge – downs thousands.

Wisdom is an assistant of happiness.

Try to conquer not the world, but its knowledge.

Go to haul rocks with a sage but don’t go to eat porridge with butter with a stupid man.

Grapes get a colour from other grapes; a man gets intellect from another person.

One fool can ask so many questions that ten sages won’t answer.

The wisdom of a stupid one lies in his silence.