· Don’t do the job until it starts to scream.

  · Don’t first consider profit, but expenses.

  · Go to bed hungry, get up without debts.

  · Eat your breakfast yourself, share your dinner with a friend, and give your supper to an enemy.

  · Let your enemy have a bad neighbour.

  · When you are crossing the river by boat, don’t swear at the boatman.

  · Do not call death, she will find you herself.

  · If you’ve done something bad, don’t wait for something good to happen.

  · Don’t lend a horse to someone who has never raised one before.

· Look after a horse as if it was a relative, but sit down on it as if it was an enemy.

· In a boat, sing songs which the owner likes.

· If you can’t see to the bottom, don’t go in the water.

· Today’s egg is better than yesterday’s chicken.

· If you learn to listen, you can tell a lot.