World Water Day


Water Cooperation

              Abkhazia is recognized as a country that has the world largest water resource and no one can equal with the high quality of potable water of Abkhazia

           The content of oxygen in the air is very rich and free from industrial emissions, sea water amazes by its unique purity and transparency, and you can easily swim in the sea the whole year round.

World Water Day has been observed on 22 March since 1993 when the United Nations General Assembly declared 22 March as World Day for Water

Water cooperation is a foundation for peace and sustainable development. Water cooperation contributes to poverty reduction and equity, creates economic benefits, helps preserve water resources and protect the environment, and builds peace. 

To focus attention on this important subject thecelebrations for World Water Day on 22 March 2013 will take place around the world with the theme of water cooperation.

This year on World Water Day…

“International Year of Water Cooperation”

In December 2010, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2013 the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation (Resolution A/RES/65/154).

The Year is led by UNESCO because of the Organization’s unique multidisciplinary approach, which blends the natural, and social sciences, education, culture and communication.

Given the intrinsic nature of water as a transversal and universal element, the United Nations International Year on Water Cooperation naturally would embrace and touch upon all these aspects. To find out more visit Water Cooperation 2013 website.